Monday, 24 October 2011

Across Europe, unfair bureaucratic, and ultimately financial, pressures are being applied to stymie the success of political parties opposed to the ongoing genocide of the European people.

In Britain, over the weekend, a village hall was threatened with having its charitable status revoked if it allowed BNP leader Nick Griffin to speak there:
A council has said it will cancel a village hall’s rate subsidy if it hosts a speech by British National Party leader Nick Griffin.

Mr Griffin is due to give a talk at Baldslow Memorial Hall in St Leonards, East Sussex, today.

But Hastings Borough Council has told those who run the hall they will have to repay the £376 they received as a charity in rate relief if the speech goes ahead.

However the council has been accused of trying to 'blackmail' the village hall.
Hastings Borough Council leader Jeremy Birch said the local authority was 'committed to equality of opportunity and to community harmony.

He added: 'We have no intention of providing financial subsidy to those who aim to undermine these principles.'
Source: Daily Mail

Sinister pressures are also being applied in France, for the most part secretly, to thwart the success of Marine Le Pen. In the French system, would-be presidential candidates must collect at least 500 endorsements from town mayors before they are allowed to present themselves for election. In an interview with Le Parisien at the weekend, Marine Le Pen intimated that she may not be able to achieve this.

Seven months away from the presidential election, where are you with collecting endorsements?
We started with it at the start of September. It's still too early to make an assessment, but I have the impression that it is going to be a concern.

Because the endorsements are made public, fewer and fewer mayors are giving their signatures to candidates so as not to have any hassles. Especially they're afraid of retaliatory measures that might deprive them of subsidies for their facilities.

What would happen if you couldn't collect enough endorsements?
I would see it as the sign that we are no longer living in a democratic country. It is clear that those responsible would pay heavily at the polls, with potentially devastating consequences in the legislative elections.
Source: Le Parisien

And this despite the fact that she was ahead of Sarkozy in the polls only a few months ago and is only a couple of points behind him now!


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