Sunday, 9 October 2011

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Major Swiss companies like Swatch, Tissot and Victorinox have removed Switzerland's cross-shaped flag from their products for the Saudi Arabian market. Swatch and Tissot both replaced the Swiss flag with the words "Swiss Made". When shown the Swiss cross on some of the company material, staff working for these companies in Saudi Arabia even refused to describe it as a cross, insisting that it was a "plus sign" instead.

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Victorinox, which sells the famous Swiss army knives, replaced the cross symbol on its product with a letter 'V'. In the past, Victorinox had problems selling its products in Saudi Arabia: deliveries were blocked; cargo was seized at customs. It decided to switch to the 'V' symbol for an easier life. This has provoked complaints from some customers that the knives on sale in Saudi Arabia are not authentic because they lack the original cross logo.

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Swatch justified its action claiming that "Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country. It does not allow the cross to be shown in public. ...We respect the laws of the countries we are active in." Some members of the Saudi religious police were interviewed for a Swiss television programme, however, and said they weren't bothered by the Swiss cross symbols at all and were mystified about why Swatch was doing this.

Source: TSR


Mullah Lodabullah said...

What's next - a Victorinox pocket beheading sword?

Gary Rumain said...

Swatch that, Mullah!

howardfrombroward said...

christian hillbillies got it right by carving a crescent moon vent hole on their outhouse doors.

Anonymous said...

This speaks only to the ritualism that has for so long made Europeans give only lip service to Christianity.

I'm actually glad that those who are not Christians have decided to remove such Christian symbols.

Judas betrayed Christ for 30 pieces of silver... and while at it gave him a kiss as well.

Kissing, denying and then persecuting Christ is nothing new..though many thought it to be a sin ascribed only to Judas.

Progressive Christians do it all the time.

Muslims themselves claim to persecute the Hebrews for crucifying Jesus...yet, in their very midst, not only are they willing to persecute, but kill Christians and Hebrews as well....and yet they still hold a vestige of Christ dear to their the point where the symbolic kiss is still there...

But in all cases, these have wanted to mold Christ in their image, and when they have realized that they can't without losing His power they begin to persecute, and like the scoffers who would taunt Jesus to come down from the cross, so too these will taunt and scoff at Christians, wanting them to react in power to help break their unbelief...

Many Christians will do so only to their detriment.

Christ has given us the example to which we must ascribe to. Those who believe that money, politics, companies, and other vestiges will keep them in Christ are fooling themselves and will in due time follow the desire of their hearts.

In most cases it is simply more money, more power, more popularity...and on and on.

I will not be surprised if in a few year's time the V in victorinox will change to 2 crossed fact it may have already occurred to them...but it is not yet economically feasible.

Let's remember that economics drives a pretty tough bargain.

In Nanking, the Japanese decided that it was cheaper to bury hundreds of Chinese people(who were made to dig their own graves) alive rather than spend money on bullets..

This ultimately is what leads us to total we begin to put the values of economics above human ones...

Anonymous said...

That is just low. What else are you willing to give up on? Swiss companies make great products, especially now in the age of chinese made planned obsolescence products, but this is just low, Being proud of who you are and where your company comes from should go before fear of outraging those savages. Yes, bombing an embassy for a cartoons is reducing your civilization to caveman level.

Unknown said...

I cannot believe a country like Switzerland would allow itself to be blackmailed . But sadly it is all to do with money and so as there are so many millions of Muslims the companies will forget what is honorable. So the world has become and it is in a sad state and will get worse.

KOK said...

What about cross junction???

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