Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Rachid Ghannouchi, leader of the Ennahda jihadist movement that has just triumphed in the Tunisian elections, is a moderate Muslim. Isn't he?

Observatoire de l'Islamisation has some interesting extracts from Ghannouchi's writings and interviews he has given over the years, translated into French from Arabic. Here are his thoughts on secularism.
What place is there for secularism in Islamic society?

"Islamic society is based on the interpretation of values organising the life of individuals and communities. It also organises the spiritual side of the latter. For this reason it is impossible to conceive of a secular Islamic society, or a secular Muslim, unless essential elements of Islam have been renounced."

In one of his books, he called apostasy a crime and mentioned, seemingly with approval, the harsh punishments traditional Islamic texts prescribe for it.
Apostasy is the renunciation of Islam after it has been embraced willingly...

...Verses of the Koran set out the horrific nature of this crime in several places, and threaten anyone guilty of it with the most atrocious tortures, without mandating a specific punishment down here however. As to the tradition, the sunnah, it demands the death penalty (in conformity with the hadith): "Kill whoever changes his religion".

Remember that this "moderate Muslim" was living in Britain during his years of exile.


Anonymous said...

Rachid Ghannouchi Calls For The End Of Israel
Zionism and the State of Israel are representative of the global secularism and materialism which have taken over the entire world. Tthe battle against Zionism is not just about land but about a far greater clash between secular materialism and the Islamic civilisation built on spirituality and justice. Any attempt to liberate Palestine must be done at a global all-encompassing level with Islam as the framework of reference; Palestine will not be liberated until there is a war against oppression in all its forms throughout the world.
Rachid Ghannouchi Visits IHH Headquarters In Istanbul; Praises Necmettin Erbakan
Rachid Ghannouchi Joins Hamas/Qaradawi To Seek Release Of Hassan Turabi
* Ghannoushi was the head of Tunisia’s banned Muslim Brotherhood-aligned Al-Nahda Party and was convicted by a Tunisian court of responsibility for a bomb blast that blew the foot off a British tourist
* In a 1999 PBS interview, he called Hizballah attacks “legitimate resistance

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