Saturday, 15 October 2011

This happened in April 2011, but the video has only surfaced recently on a Belgian Crimestoppers-type programme. The Belgian police are asking for help in identifying some of the 200 Muslim attackers, who were originally from Brussels, although the incident took place at the beach in Hofstade.

Here's a textual description of the incident followed by an interesting personal comment from the forum link provided by Steen.

Troublemakers have caused problems today at the BLOSO domain Hofstade in Zemst. When all was done, 1 troublemaker was arrested. A group of at least 200 troublemakers closed in a few police agents at about 18.00 hours, the police inspectors where beaten and bombarded with bottles and projectiles.

The troublemakers surrounded the police officers and it took quite some time before the officers where able to get themselves to safety. According to a police source there where a lot of youths from Brussels and Schaarbeek.

Only one rioteer was arrested. "It wasn't easy to identify youths from the Group of 200 to 300 that at about 18.00 hours enclosed and bombarded 8 police officers with bottles and projectiles" acording to mayor Bart Coopman. Two agents where mildly injured one on the head and the other on his foot.

"The problems started around 18.00 hours during a fight on the beach", acording to Coopman. "The people from the private security of the domain couldn't get the fight under control and called for police assistance. From the moment the first 3 officers arived on the beach, a mass of youths turned against them and started throwing projectiles at them like bottles, rocks and cans. At one point 8 police officers wh"ere surrounded by 200 to 300 youths. Only when the police officers left the beach did peace return

The Officers called for back up and soon 60 to 70 agents where present from surrounding police corps Federal police and railway police. "They have then focused primarilly on quietly evacuating. The Bus firm had sent extra busses at our request and all involved have quietly returned home, no notheworthy events took place on the busses" concludes Coopman. The new problems on and around the domain he again ascribes to Brussels youths of foreign origin.

Seriously, every year it's the same thing.

Hofstade is a natural lake where you can go swimming, or engage in other recreational activities like tennis, my dad used to go there with me when I was a kidd, the last few years however northern African youths are taking over the place Every year when the weather starts getting better Hofstade makes the news because of Morrocan youths from Brussels rioting on the busses from public transportation and on the domain itself, a few years ago they beat up a bus driver so every bus from Brussels to Hofstade from then on was given a police escort. And now this happened it's despicable And it's being handled in the wrong way if you ask me.

The police should just send out the riot squad and bash some heads in and then make everyone they arest/beat to a pulp pay for the cost of deploying the riot squad.

What they do now is simply politely asking the youths to get on the busses and then driving them home to Brussels free of charge.

It's sickening


Steen said...

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why no one is mentioning that these animals are muslim!

Kaafir said...

Keep them off the beach or just start shooting their muslim arses. That will stop this crap. Or send them back to where they came from.

bunny olesen said...

Too bad this didn't happen in the U.S., I would LOVE to see some L.A. cops beat the fuck out of those pieces of dog crap.

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