Sunday, 23 October 2011

European children are being brainwashed into 'respecting' Islam with school-organised mosque visits and syllabuses that give undue prominence to a mythical Islamic 'Golden Age'. The picture above is from La Roche in France. The newspaper headline says "School pupils immerse themselves in Islam at La Roche mosque".

Thanks to this visit, the school pupils will have an image of the place where Islam lives. A good way of arriving at a better understanding of their educational syllabus, which focuses on the beginnings of Islam.

(I somehow doubt Good Bye Mohammed or the researches of the Inarah group will be on the agenda.)

And why are European school pupils being taught about the history of Islam anyway? Is there really nothing in the history of Europe that would be better for them to learn?

Here's a photo from something similar in England. Note the evil-looking Muslim dressed in white. He seems to be enjoying himself as the little blonde white girls bow down in front of him.


Below is an excerpt from the British government website that provides information on the national curriculum. It describes a programme of lessons called "The Achievement of Muhammad (pbuh)" and discusses how to grade the childrens' essays, quoting a few examples:
The achievement of Muhammad (pbuh) - John, Alex and Laura

Over a number of lessons, the pupils had read and discussed texts about Muhammad's (pbuh) life, covering his family's reaction to his claims, as well as the reaction of people in Mecca and Medina. The pupils debated Muhammad's (pbuh) achievements in groups and as a class.

As homework the teacher asked the pupils to answer the following assessment questions: Discuss the main events in Muhammad's (pbuh) life that led others to believe he was a prophet from Allah (attainment target 1 beliefs, teachings and sources). What do you think Muhammad (pbuh) achieved in his life? (attainment target 2 meaning, purpose and truth).

The way it constantly repeats the Peace Be Upon Him nonsense is shocking. No doubt the children are being taught that too.

Here are some excerpts from the childrens' essays:
"I think the main events in Muhammad's life which led others to believe he was a prophet were when he had a vision from Gabriel in a cave outside Mecca. Some may think that he could have made it up but I think he was telling the truth because he was so convinced and honest that it could well have happened. Also he has so much to back him up and he couldn't have just made it all up.

Another point is that when one person does something, they spread the news and quickly more and more people join realising what Muhammad was saying was right.

I believe that Muhammad achieved a great deal before his death because you don't just start a religion any old day, so he must have had help from God.

...Personally I think Muhammad was a great man and he had much strength and courage to do what he did and he has only God to thank for that."


Muhammad achieved an extremely big thing in his life. Creating a religion is very hard but creating a religion that is the second biggest in the world is even harder.


Muhammad left his country and moved to Medina. During his time there he saw how much hatred there was, so he took it upon himself to do something about it. He brought the Medinian and Meccan Muslims together, and got them working alongside each other.

...He preached to people who believed in many gods ad whose lives were full of sin and united religions and differences... I believe spreading the news of what you believe in, and totally changing a country from bad to good is a great achievement in anyone's life.


British children being brainwashed into considering Muhammad a great man!

See Part II of this post here.


John Sobieski said...

Dhimmis usually precede mo with THE PROPHET as in the Prophet Mo, rather than saying Islam's prophet Mo. This pbuh added to Mo is ridiculous. Muslims have infiltrated the curriculum and textbook bureaucracy and the dhimmis are too afraid to complain about the obvious propaganda.

Petzl said...

All Islam creates are horror kleptocracies, Moslems flee for there lives from! The ONLY nations to so-far welcome Moslems have a history raised on God the Christian God, whose compound redemptive name is Lord Jesus Christ. Where are Moslems going to flee to when Christianity is banned?

Henrik R Clausen said...

When Bad becomes Good, we're really in trouble...

Anonymous said...

lol the hate is only coming you and your islamaphobic cretins keep on hating we will carry on and laugh in your faces while doing it

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Make an effort to learn the language, Muslim, including the art of punctuation. Then you won't sound so much like a pitiful savage just in from the desert.

Anonymous said...

respectful reader, open your mind for a change, know about islam from authentic sources(practicing muslims, books, etc) and just think for a minute? do u actually hate islam or is it that you are fooled or told to hate islam maybe not openly but through ways such as the media or someone else who dont want you to see the real islam.

Jerry Frey said...

‘Islam is regarded as the biggest threat to Europe for many Europeans’

Anonymous said...

please stop spreading such negative thoughts among people. at the end we are sons and daughters of one and only one God. let children live in a world of Love and not Hate. Every religion is good at its part because they all teach us how to be good human beings. Don't just think Muslims as terrorists cz there are also millions of good people(muslims) contributing to this world who are far more than thousands of terrorists.

xee.bee1 said...

i would just like to share sir George Bernard Shaw's quotation: "I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which can make itself appeal to every age. I have studied him - the wonderful man and in my opinion far from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Saviour of Humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today."

Anonymous said...

I hate Pisslam. Islam is a murderous death cult. Examples:
-honor killings
-arranged marriages to children and then rape of children
-Women have no rights in Islam-cant initiate divorce, no property right, testimony worth half that of a man
-stoning of adulterers--even just accidently being in the presence of a man can lead to stoning
-death for apostates-no questions asked
-no education of women
4 wives allowed, even mandates in some societies
-women cant inherit
-women have to cover up
-women are perpetual kitchen and sex slaves in Pisslam
-Women can't drive in Saudi Arabia.
-Christians and Jews are treated as dhimmies and have to pay jizya if they dont convert to Pisslam
Muslims pray 5 times a day and curse Jews and Christians in these prayes
-The Koran is one horrible filthy book with constant exhortations to kill and kill and kill.
Pisslam supports pedophilia-even Khomeini had his way with a 4yr old--


So go back to fecking sandhovels in the desert where you can worship Allat the pagan moon god.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous! brother, it seems you have serious misconceptions about Islam. if you hate it for the sake of hating it then i cant say anything but if you hate Islam because of the misconceptions you have quoted then i wanna tell you that you need to know about islam. whatever you have stated is totally wrong. i will try to explain it a little for you.
1. there is no concept of honor killing in islam. it may be practiced in some areas but its only a cultural phenomenon only. the Quran doesnt talk about honor killing anywhere.
2. i dont know from where you heard this arrange mariage to children and rape children thing. this is totally wrong. Islam absolutely forbids us from ding any such act.
3. brother, islam is the only religion in the world which gives women their right in property. and they can initiate divorce by a process called KHULAA. this is practiced everywhere in islamic countries. you need to read about it.
4. no education for women, this is totally wrong. quran has never said anything which forbids women from education.
5. 4 wives are allowed only when the man can give all of them equal rights. not always.
5. woman can totally inherit. again you dont have any knowledge. you need to read about it.
6. i pray 5 times a day and my prayer doesnt have anything which may curse jews or christians.
7. Quran never speaks of kill and kill. it talks about love and kindness to sure you have never seen a quran. but your coments are coming out of hate only. please read atleast somethng about islam.

BunBun4life said...

So they gonna start enforcing learning about Jesus to the Muselmen? Doubtful, as they find it so offensive. However, why should our children learn SHIT about Islam (especially from the retarded biased liberal twat schools of England) when it's the mudslimes who won't integrate and LITERALLY don't know shit about any other religions except bizarre bullshit propaganda (like that we marry animals, and everybody wife swaps)

BunBun4life said...

@Anonymous from 25 October 2011 09:43

You are a fucking liar and a pig. 'women can 'totally' inherit? Yeah they can totally inherit 1/2 what their male relatives can inherit. When you say islam gives women their right 'in property' I don't know what you mean by that, but women cannot get the house in a divorce - and men are granted custody of all children aged 7 and over regardless of the circumstances. SURE they can 'initiate divorce' good luck getting one without being killed or burned with acid. Regardless, men are allowed to ask for money before they will release the women from the marriage, but, men don't have to do the same. STOP LYING.

ARRANGED MARRIAGE IS NOT TOTALLY WRONG UNDER ISLAM. If that is true then why do all the MARRIAGE CLERICS, THE GRAND MUFTI'S, ETC. RELEASE FATWA'S that state a father may marry his daughter off while she is still in the cradle? OH, I GUESS YOU KNOW MORE THAN EVERY SINGLE LEGAL MUSLIM CLERIC, IS THAT RIGHT?

Although it's true the Quran does not mention honor killing, there is a story where a respected muslim murders a young boy for no apparent reason, then tells his follow it is because Mohammed will grant a BETTER child; and many refer to this.

Don't lie and say it's CULTURAL because 91% of all honor killings on earth are perpetrated by muslims - 5% by hindus and 4% by sikhs.

In Europe 96% of all honor killings are done by muslims with 4% by hindu's and none by sikhs.

CONSIDERING the diversity of cultures covered by Islam, it is impossible that it is a 'cultural' phenomena. From Asians to Turks to Somalians, Iraqi's, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Moroccans, GAZA is covered up with them; NO way in hell do all the different countries have the same culture of killing their daughters by coincidence.

I think you are probably right when it comes to education, but it's still the islamic countries that are the worst at denying women any education.

As far as the KILL and KILL. you are WRONG again; the quran AND hadiths are full of killings, many killed by the hand of mohammed himself. Why do you lie? Are you sure you're not lying TO YOURSELF.

The majority of us here HAVE see and read the Qu'ran, and the fact is considering 46% of ALL muslims world wide are illiterate, and the literate ones, not very = i find it very difficult to believe the MAJORITY of muslims have read a quran, because they haven't.

Waheed said...

I've Not Seen Any Negative Points in islam, Its a Way of Life which Teaches us Humans To Live & Let Live, no matter What Color of your Skin or Religion you Are, Now What you Read in Paper's or See on Television make you think in a negative way, Don't Assume What You See on TV Is True: Misconception, May God Bless you All. Inshallah.

Anonymous said...

What Evil White Dressed Man, He Is Showing Them How We Pray. All Your Doing Here Is Making People State The Obvious. Don't Hate The Religion When You Know Absolutely Nothing About It, You Just Believe What You See On TV, Why Don't You Actually Go To A Mosque and Learn How Peaceful Our Religion Actually Is. You'll Learn That Your Religion Is Not Very Different From Ours.

Anonymous said...

Islam is an evil cult. Muhammad is a lying transgendered bisexual sodomite, who rapes pigs and molests goats.

Allah loves the swine's penis in his mouth.

Filthy Quran was written by a pig's dick.

Fuck Islam. Kill all the muslims all over the world!

Anonymous said...

for the debates on honor killings and treatment of women. Islam doesnt teach that but Arabic customs do. islam is so corrupted by Arabic customs that it is a disease. Islam gives women better property rights then Christians and actually gives them a few more rights more then Christianity. But Arabic customs treat women like shit.

Anonymous said...

FOOLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ibrahim Sayut said...

Spread more of this and wait for christian turns to Islam Fully in Europe:

Just read below if you are against Islam:

NY Times wrote: "If the Muslims Circumambulation or stop performing prayers on earth, He will stop our earth's rotation, due to rotation of the super conductor based in Hajar Aswad, no longer emit waves electromagnetic.Menurut findings from 15 University: Shows Black Stone is a stone meteorites that have a very high rate of metal, that is 23,000 times that of steel which in space had. astronout see a very bright light shining from the earth, and having examined it turns out it came from the house of God or Kaa 'bah, Mecca.
Super conductor is Black Stone, which works like a microphone that is being broadcast and distance where a thousand million channel.Prof reach Lawrence E Yoseph - Whiple Fl writes:
"Surely we owe a huge debt KPD Muslims, Prayer, Circumambulation and timely care for the super conductor." Praise be to God, thank God, Laa Illahaillallah, Allahu Akbar. See our hearts vibrate how terrible Circumambulation movement Hajj and Pilgrimage.

Now you have 2 choices.

i) Let the superb info in this page so that other people do not read ..
ii) distribute to other friends by clicking 'fowardkan' so that others can follow terinpirasi "Praise be to God"(subhanallah)

Anonymous said...

I...i...cant comprehend what this creature is doing. is he trying to.c mmunicate with us?

Anonymous said...

Hey..I'm a Islam woman..dont spread something you just know from the tv and magazine.why dont you study more deeply before make something awful statement about us and our religion..all your statement was false.So, do you agree for aboma take action on syrian..even the terorist of that country is the their goverment themself..but the innocent people get to face the american please,give some respect here before make others hurt..not the religion is terorist.but people whom are terorist make the religion seem terorist

nawaal raheman said...

thank you coz of these sites islam is increasing more and more.....

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wishes to practice a religion is free to do so without being brainwashed or having it rammed down your throat im a spiritual believer personally.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, am i the only one who does not give a fuck about anything?and live peacefully now?

Anonymous said...

Well... Y nt a Follower became a terrorist... As islams founder himself was a terrorist... Rapist ,molester of teenagers... He was old tht time married a teen ager ... His last wife was 16 yrs old daughter of his friend which decent man LL ask a friends daughter for marriage in old age

Anonymous said...

Just read them then you will see what he knows is mostly the propaganda of their media. Some are true but without incomplete fact because of media cut and edit it. ( but still i see it mostly wrong) And they claim to know more than muslim itself cause they study it with gogle and what the church say.

Anonymous said...

That is what they are thinking without reference and knowledge. Only God will open their heart to know Islam and to love Islam. May Allah bless all the muslim and save Palestine. The Musyrikeen never let us peace because they realize Islam is the only religion suit for all human beings.

Anonymous said...

Sharia Law. WTF

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I smiled reading your post. I was not aware of these beautiful initiatives done in mosques. Of course, you have many opinions about Islam and I respect that. However, opinions simply are the lowest form of knowledge. People are afraid of the unknown and quick to spew hatred. It's rightly so to condemn something you think is bad but unfortunate when it is based on what is told by the media and internet sources which twist and turn the truth. Thank you for sharing this story and may it inspire all of you to really search for the truth in Islam.

garry cosgrove said...
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