Sunday, 16 October 2011

For a few years the Swiss People's Party has used a goat called Zottel as its mascot (shown above). Now so-called antifascists have kidnapped the goat, and its companion goat Mimo, from the farm where they lived. Ernst Schibli, a Swiss People's Party deputy for Zurich, who owns the farm, discovered the goats were missing yesterday morning when he went to feed them.
Members of the group "Antifaschistische Aktion" [Antifascist Action] have claimed responsibility for the kidnapping in a message posted on the internet. "Now we too have a scapegoat", they write. "We visited Zottel this night and took him with us". No demands were made.

...In addition to the message claiming responsibility posted on the internet, the deputy said he had received an anonymous letter last summer addressed to the "fascist goat Zottel". It threatened to kill the animal. The letter was passed to the police.
Source: 20 Minutes

Kidnapping an innocent goat: how sick are these lunatics?


bunny olesen said...

so called anti-fascists are nothing but terrorist thugs.

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