Tuesday, 6 September 2011

After two years of suffering, Claire Dubos has handed in her resignation to the Department of Education. She denounces abominable working conditions.

For two years, I've been living through hell. I am suffering more and more. I have insomnia, anxieties. I didn't want to end up like some of my colleagues who graduated at the same time, already on sick leave at my age. ...Some older colleagues said to me: leave while you don't have children, because afterwards you won't be able to.

Without practical experience, without support, I found myself from one day to the next in a climate of incredible violence. Verbal violence, physical violence, I didn't know what to do. I was in one of the worst schools in Reims.

...The parents would set on me. One day one of them came to see me to tell me that I had looked at his daughter the wrong way and that I had better watch out.

I had 31 pupils, many of whom couldn't speak a word of French. I had really bad cases of autism. Parents would look at me from the balcony and shout that they were going to kill me.


V said...

Horrible situation!

Anonymous said...

Insane and a tragic consequense of the muslim invasion of europe...When will enough be enough?
I fear democracy will have to collapse before the "other half" of the european pop. will face the facts regardine the muslim scum.

Anonymous said...

The civilized nations must stop kow-towing to this pedophile-founded pseudo-religion. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It is a barbaric system that brutalizes women, rapes young girls (then blames them for causing the man to have impure thoughts!). They tolerate no other beliefs than their own and threaten violence and death to those who won't convert.

Anonymous said...

this hatred is not rare, horrible but not rare

Anonymous said...

My childrens school here in Sweden is the same! VViolence and interrupted classes. Teachers who don't dare to correct those kids. No wonder the grades go straight downhills.

alarik36 said...

"Only the threat to be killed pacifies some people" Vladimir Vladimirovitj Putin

alarik36 said...

Too many muslims are simply uneducated morons who doesn´t understand anything else but violence or fear of it. Push out all muslims that don´t want to integrate or adapt, and it shouldn´t matter if they are citizens or not. If they can´t reach an 80 IQ point or have a civilized behaviour like most Cro Magnons, kick them out with the butt first.. Sorry, we only have place for humans in Europe.. I greet everybody from Sweden. I hailsa allaim fra Swiareikja(gothic).

Anonymous said...

I went through much the same thing teaching at two schools in Georgia. The only difference were that there were no Muslims. The one school I did teach at that did have some Muslim students had the best kids I have ever heard of. It was better than teaching at Mayberry!

Gabriel Thy said...

Islam is the amalgamation of ALL the horrific aspects of obsessive religion and totalitarian politics. It was intended this way from its very beginning. "By terror I was made victorious!" In that single phrase Mohammed revealed his soul for all to know, fear, worship, or reject.

Anna said...

Society on the whole functions with the agreement from, and permission of, all people, as all reasonable people recognize the need for us all to get along in order for society to flurish.

What happens when you have a large group that is not reasonable and won't cooperate with the majority?

If crimes are committed, law enforcement gets involved. But what if there are so many that it overwhelms the system? Or if it isn't actually quite criminal, just disturbing?

Western civilization IS GOING TO HAVE TO DECIDE WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT. Otherwise, stop whining and learn to pray 5 times a day.

We are too busy being politically correct...and trying to be something other than what we are...animals.

When one animal is cornered, outnumbered and threatened, but lives to go back to the pack, they get reinforcements and return to corner the threat.

In this case, if someone is harassed by one, ten, or fifty Muslims, ten, twenty, or one hundred Christians/Anglos or whatever, come back to point out the error of their ways.

No violence is ever necessary, just greater numbers, which implies the threat of violence. the only reason the people get away with their intimidations is the lack of reinforcements on the sufferers part.

Think of it as our immune system fighting an invading bacteria. If you don't overwhelm it with numbers early, it WILL overwhelm the host.

Anna said...

This is a good old fashioned gang war over turf. Anglos prefer non-violence, but the day may come when that won't work. To avoid that, there has to be a larger response before they get dug in.

If your government won't help because they believe the nonsense of the NWO and love everyone, even those that don't love them, then you have to do it yourselves. Otherwise, you could have your government STOP all immigration of these people until and unless the others assimilate.

Remove any government representatives that do not have the country's best interest at heart, while at the same time, travelling in groups. Do not get outnumbered or otherwise cornered. Learn to think like animals, because that is what we are and how many of them think, and you will survive this.

And stop being so "nice." It's being taken as weakness.

Anna said...

I realize that this means changing the way you live your lives in a very significant way. But they have already made you do that. If you do nothing, you will lose your culture, and your country altogether, if not your lives. The choice has already been made for you.

Best of luck to you.

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