Monday, 12 September 2011

The words say "Not here!". This is the new poster being used by the Swiss People's Party. Oskar Freysinger, one of the leading lights of the party, and the man behind the Swiss minaret ban, has this to say about it on his blog (my translation):
A police car immobilised on a public square by a tide of prostrate believers. This is the image featured in postes that the Valais romand branch of the Swiss People's Party will be putting up tonight. It is also the symbol of a Europe adrift, incapable of enforcing respect for civil law on a growing proportion of its territory. Everywhere, communitarianism is advancing and taking hostage, suburbs, districts, even whole towns. A parallel society is establishing itself, one that has nothing to do with the principles of liberalism, freedom of expression, free choice in religion or respect for women. The new dogma demands total submission, and this means nothing less than the abolition of humanity.

Carried by galloping demographics and attracted by the vacuum left by a European society that has relativised its own values to the point of making them disappear, the Islamic dogma is spreading a little everywhere to take civil society hostage as soon as it has reached critical mass.

For now, Switzerland has been spared the worst of this phenomenon. Not having been a colonial power and not forming part of the EU, it has been able to determine the nature and extent of its migratory flows. This has allowed it to properly integrate a large number of foreigners.

But for how much longer?

Since the opening of the borders (free circulation, Schengen/Dublin, reduction in the number of border posts), it has no longer been master of its own destiny. The principle of communicating vases means that whatever happens in France, Italy and the whole of the EU, bit by bit, becomes reality here.

To prevent that, there is only one solution: Switzerland needs to get a grip on its immigration policy and must be able to implement controlled and selective immigration. Mass immigration, such as it has been for the last several years, will end up paralysing the state and putting democracy in danger. Then it will not just be a single police car that is immobilised, but all of our institutions.

To prevent it happening, it's worth supporting the last pillar of resistance, which still dares to fight for a Switzerland that is sovereign, independent and neutral. This pillar has a name: the UDC (Swiss People's Party). And its candidates all deserve your support on 23 October.

To oppose islamisation of our country, creeping or not, there's only one thing to do: vote UDC!


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