Thursday, 1 September 2011
There have been stories in the press recently about how scientists have discovered neanderthal DNA in our genetic make-up. The MSM has leapt on this with a strange fervour that almost seems to contain a hint of political correctness. See this Observer editorial for example. In a way this illustrates the pathological impulse that lies behind political correctness. Because, even if you can make some kind of case for being "extra nice" to "disadvantaged groups" in the present day, what sense does it make to be nice to people who have been extinct for 30,000 years?

The most significant element of this story, however, is one that the establishment media has been strangely silent about: that neanderthal DNA is found in all human populations except Africans! Because, it is believed, the mating with neanderthals only took place once homo sapiens had left Africa, this sharing of genes never occurred within the population that remained in Africa. This establishes a fundamental biological distinction between Africans and the rest of the human race. We have neanderthal DNA. They don't.
Any human whose ancestral group developed outside Africa has a little Neanderthal in them – between 1 and 4 per cent of their genome, Pääbo's team estimates. In other words, humans and Neanderthals had sex and had hybrid offspring. A small amount of that genetic mingling survives in "non-Africans" today: Neanderthals didn't live in Africa, which is why sub-Saharan African populations have no trace of Neanderthal DNA.
Source: New Scientist

Naturally, this creates interesting dilemmas for the politically correct. First of all, it seems to validate traditional "racist" perceptions of Africans as being fundamentally different. Second, neanderthals are typically viewed as primitive and inferior. The word has a pejorative connotation. Yet, in this respect, it is Africans, also traditionally viewed as primitive and inferior, who are "free of neanderthal taint" so to speak. They are somehow "purer" than the rest of us because they don't have this admixture of neanderthal DNA.

How should the PC media spin this one? Admit Africans are fundamentally different? Dangerous. Try and make the difference seem positive? Might work, but could backfire. Probably best just to shut up about it altogether.


Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, the genes Neanderthal shared are "junk genes", meaning nothing big of a difference was shared with Homo sapiens. Red hair and bone structure, that's about it. No positive or negative genes were shared. So technically, Africans are the same as everyone else.

Anonymous said...

no what this is saying africans are the true homosapians



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