Friday, 2 September 2011
This Wikileak document describes the outreach activities of the US embassy in Paris to Muslims living in France.
Not all young people of immigrant origin are as
politically engaged as Ahoudian, said Faycal
Douhane, a Socialist Party (PS) activist who is
trying to increase political involvement among
minorities across all party lines. Douhane urged
the United States to continue to provide grants for
worthwhile projects and to keep sending young
community leaders on IV programs. Such activities
help encourage greater political involvement,
particularly among sectors of the population that
have been underrepresented in France's leadership
echelons. USG programs have already been successful
at "identifying people who will eventually take
positions of power in France, people who will change
things," Douhane noted

A Muslim deputy district mayor "communicates closely" with US Embassy staff "to discuss ideas".
Embassy support has been essential to promoting
integration and cooperation in Paris' mixed 19th
district, one of the district's deputy mayors, Adji
Ahoudian, told Weil at an Embassy roundtable
discussion December 8. The 19th is Paris' most
diverse area, with large groups of new immigrants
from Asia and North Africa as well as newcomers from
Afghanistan and Iraq living side by side with
Europe's largest Jewish community. French official
institutions provide very limited support for
the district's integration and conciliation
initiatives, Ahoudian said, emphasizing that he
communicates closely with the Embassy's public
affairs staff to discuss ideas
. Aboudian, an IV [International Visitor, an invite-only brainwashing programme for foreigners]
alumnus, is in charge of the new "To Live Together"
project, whose goal is to increase understanding and
reduce the potential for clashes among the
district's disparate communities.

US government influence over Muslim magazines in France.
The subjects of change and integration were
front and center at a working breakfast December 9
hosted by the CAO with several activists from French
non-profit organizations. The representatives
described Embassy Paris as fulfilling a convening
role and helping to build networks, both across the
Atlantic and within France.

Meanwhile, the editor-in-chief of Respect
Magazine, Marc Cheb Sun, described his connection to
the embassy as "intense." Respect's editorial
mission is to build tolerance and acceptance among
France's various ethnic and immigrant-origin
communities. He praised the "intellectual exchange"
he enjoys with public affairs staff on issue

And the main Muslim websites in France:
Weil also had discussions during her visit with
the editors-in-chief of,,
and Bondy Blog, all of whom have traveled to the
United States on exchange programs.

The US government has even established ties to imams in the French military!
In a meeting about Imam training, Mohamed Ali Bouharb
of the military chaplaincy -- who also benefited
from an embassy exchange program -- emphasized that
the U.S. Embassy plays a special role in expanding
the network of French movers and shakers in the
field of diversity. "The only place France's top
Muslims all gather at once is at the U.S.
Ambassador's residence for the Iftar dinner
," he
commented to Weil. He also urged the Embassy to
continue to support the process of interfaith


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