Monday, 12 September 2011

Heard anything about this on the news? Nope. Now imagine it had been two Muslims who had been stabbed by EDL members. I guarantee there would be wall-to-wall-coverage. Here's a personal account from someone who saw the police securing the crime scene.
There were counter protests by the EDL and Muslims against crusades at Grosvenor Square in London. At one point Mayor of London Boris Johnson and his wife got caught up in the trouble as they walked past the MAC protest. Police later tried to disperse the protests by moving MAC along in a police "bubble".Trouble flared at Marble Arch as they were confronted by the EDL. Fights broke out along Edgware Road as Muslims against Crusades were being escorted by police.

Police outside the JD Wetherspoon pub confirmed two EDL members were stabbed and whist I was at the scene of the incident detectives and a forensic team were securing the site.

The Independent now has a brief mention of it in a larger story:
Two men, believed to be EDL members, were stabbed two hours later during an impromptu march by the group along Edgeware Road. Police said eleven people were arrested in connection with the attack.
Source: Independent

And the BBC, again buried in something else:
Later, two men were stabbed at a pub in central London where the EDL says its members gathered after the demonstration.

The two were taken to hospital but their conditions are unknown.

The Met Police said there have been 10 arrests after an attack at the Tyburn Pub on Edgware Road.


From Sweden with Grief said...

Of course, islam is the religion of peace, sorry, the religion of piece!

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