Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Representatives of Syriac-Orthodox Christians in Turkey have criticised the portrayal of their faith community in a government school textbook. According to a report in the newspaper "Radikal" (Monday) the history textbook for the 10th form describes Christians as traitors who emigrated from Turkey for economic reasons and in the west have become "tools for the political and religious interests of the countries there". The report says that representatives of the Syriac-Orthodox Christians have complained that this would further deepen hostility to the Christian minority.

In the last few decades, many Syriac-Orthodox Christians have left their home in south-eastern Anatolia because they were caught between the front lines of the Turkish state and the Kurdish PKK rebels. Most of the emigrants have settled in Germany and Switzerland. More recently, some have returned to their old villages in the area around the old monastery Mor Gabriel in the Mardin province in South-East Turkey.

Source: Kathpress


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