Friday, 2 September 2011
I reading through some of the Wikileaks cables today and came across one that really shocked me. In its description of a 2004 meeting between the EU Enlargement Commissioner Matthias Ruete, (Director, Enlargement Directorate for Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey) and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Charlie Ries, it reveals an astonishing conspiracy between unelected Brussels bureaucrats and the United States government against the elected governments of Europe. They share confidential information and plot strategies together to thwart the will of elected European politicians.

On April 26 EUR/PDAS Charlie Ries met in Brussels with EU Commission Enlargement Director Matthias Ruete, who is responsible in the Commission for Turkey's accession bid.

...Ruete (strictly protect throughout) noted that the context of Turkey's accession bid was "evolving rapidly", with pressure growing in the European Parliament for a factual analysis of the costs and benefits of Turkish accession. The key, said Ruete, was to move off an emotional debate on the subject and on to a discussion "why Turkey should join the EU." The political debate in Europe is not won. Ries mentioned that he was getting on a train to promote the Turkish case in the Netherlands on April 27; Ruete asked for a read-out of Ries' discussions in The Hague, which Ries promised to provide.

¶7. (C) Ruete asked that the US ensure that German opposition leader Angelika Merkel hear a clear message from the US on why she shouldn't oppose Turkish accession; Ries said he would make sure that Washington was aware of the need to do this. On France, Ruete said that "Chirac's party is making increasingly anti-Turkish comments" with the message that "Turkey's not ready" to join the EU. Ruete offered that this message might moderate after the EU parliamentary elections this summer.
Source: Wikileaks

This post shows a similar effort to "manage Sarzoky" on the question of Turkey's EU membership.


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