Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A pig's head has been placed in the ground that had been earmarked for construction of a Salafist mosque in the Catalan city Salt, which is on the frontlines of the Muslim invasion of Europe. The Muslims were granted permission to build the mosque by the previous Socialist government in the city, now out of office, but they must present detailed construction plans within the next few weeks or their permit will expire.

In the past, some mosque construction projects have been abandoned after pig carcases were placed on the land that had been allocated to them. Muslims see the soil as having been contaminated by the pig's body. Similar attempts to prevent the construction of mosques using dead pigs have been noted in Britain and Belgium.

Reacting to the news of the incident, Josep Anglada, president of the Catalan nationalist party, Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC), said:
I don't see anything wrong with burying a piglet in an industrial estate. It's the Muslims who have a problem with pigs, not us. They have problems with pigs and we have problems with them, the same as the dog with the cat and the cat with the mouse. It's just a question of species compatibility.
Source: Alerta Digital


Anonymous said...

Pigs are great animals, and bacon tastes good. I feel sorry for pigs that they would be associated with unthinking beasts in uniform. Obedience over truth, is the simple truth, demonstrated by it's universal occurence in religion and government. Anger at this truth, demonstrates it's validity. God is neither a religion, a temple, or a pig

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