Saturday, 10 September 2011

The technique of burying a dead pig in the grounds of a mosque seems to be catching on. Only a few days ago I posted about an example of it from Salt in Spain. Here is another from Bordeaux in France. The town council there has handed over land to a local Muslim association for the construction of a mosque. Some people obviously aren't happy about the decision, however.

A hooded man buries a dead pig in the site for the proposed mosque while someone else films. Later, he performs a Christian blessing over the dead pig and puts in place a crucifix as a grave marker. Towards the end of the video, throws a liquid from a bucket onto the surrounding area, presumably pig's blood.

The video ends with some quotes from the Koran and one from Tayyip Erdogan, prime minister of Turkey ("the mosques are our barracks, ..."). Then it asks: is this the future you want for your children?

Two NGOs, LICRA (Ligue Internationale Contre le Racisme et l’Antisémitisme) [The International League Against Racism and Antisemitism] and SOS Racisme, have announced that they intend to lodge a complaint with the local prosecutor about the video because of its "Incitement to Racial Hatred".

Source: Novopress


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