Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lampedusa is by now well known as of the key points of entry for the current Muslim invasion of Europe. Less well known, however, are Ceuta and Melilla, two small Spanish territories (exclaves) on the coast of North Africa, surrounded by Moroccan territory.

Morocco claims these territories as its own and demands their return from Spain. Morocco has even issued passports showing Ceuta and Melilla as part of Moroccan territory.

Although Spain rejects the claims made by Morocco, the Socialist government of Zapatero has otherwise been extremely accommodating to the Moroccans. For example, a law was passed obliging the Spanish health service to provide care for anyone regardless of their citizenship status. This has resulted in a veritable flood of Mohammedans arriving in the Spanish exclaves demanding health care. In particular, it is very common for Moroccans to arrive in the late stages of pregancy, perhaps staying with relatives, then turning up at the hospital demanding care. When their children are born there, they acquire Spanish citizenship.

This practice has reached such an enormous scale that a majority of all births (51.21%) in Melilla hospitals are now to illegal immigrants! The hospitals are so overwhelmed with the illegals that ordinary Spanish patients who need prompt treatment sometimes have to be taken to the mainland to get it. And the Mohammedans are reluctant to leave the hospital, even when their pregnancy or 'illness' is over. As they are well-cared for and well-fed there, they are more than happy to prolong their stay. When hospital staff encourage them to leave, they cry "racist".

The other side of the demographic jihad is immigration. Both Ceuta and Melilla are overwhelmed by third-world Mohammedans trying to get in. Although Spain has erected significant barriers at the land frontier (including a six-foot fence), many of the illegals come by boat. Since the trip is short, even a simple dinghy will suffice. There are strong suspicions that the Moroccan government is actively encouraging this flow of illegal immigrants. The Spanish police trade union even issued a statement claiming its officers had seen Moroccan police officers pushing the boats of illegal immigrants, assisting them on their way.

As in every other part of Europe, thanks to the twin vectors of immigration and parturition, the Mohammedans are demographically outstripping the European population. Some believe they will soon be a majority in the Spanish territories. Muslims already have their own party, the Coalición por Melilla (CFM), which captured 23.7% of the vote at the last elections. And they have already started to agitate aggressively against the existing political order. Earlier this year, the CFM was behind a physical attack on Melilla's president, Juan José Imbroda. Yesterday, they organised a march to protest against checks at the border with Morocco. They claim border guards have intensified inspections at the border and are fining them for bringing food and drink back from Morocco.


Anonymous said...

Ceuta and Melilla shoule be given to Morocco. Spain has nothing to gain ,and everything to lose.

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