Friday, 9 September 2011

Joachim Véliocas is one of the most important Counterjihadists in France. He writes books about the Muslim infiltration of the country and the shameful readiness of politicians to pander to the Mohammedan invaders.

Here is an interview he gave recently to the Polish Catholic newspaper Nasz Dziennik (my translation):

Anna Bałaban: The Muslim religious culture seems to be spreading in France… How is this possible?
Joachim Véliocas: It’s a very complex question. We need to review the past. In the 60s, under pressure from employers, who wanted to be less dependent on left-wing trade unions and wanted to underpay workers, immigration for work started to be supported under President Pompidou. Then this immigration which was supposed to be temporary established itself permanently thanks to the law on “family reunion” imposed by the European Social Charter of the Council of Europe in 1973. Giscard d'Estaing was forced by the Council of State in 1976 to abandon his plan to suspend family immigration in order to conform to the new European law. Today an African worker on minimum wage can bring over his whole family, including the father-in-law. The European Convention on Human Rights guarantees it. In France, each year, and this has been true since the 1980s, 200,000 residence permits, which are automatically renewable every 10 years, have been given out each year. Short-term stay visas are another way the immigrants can enter legally. Then they stay illegally once their right has expired.

- And the French people are aware of this state of affairs? They accept it?
- The media only talk about the long-stay permits and systematically cover up short-stay visas (almost 500,000 per year for North Africa and Turkey). If the French people were reading these figures in the newspapers they would be frightened, but they are carefully camouflaged. Today only 7% of the 200,000 residence permits given out are associated with a work contract, and in the immigration estates unemployment reaches 40%. Those who want to work in construction sites are predominantly Portuguese and Poles.

- Islamisation is progressing, but how do you explain that in the situation where 90% of the inhabitants are still non-Muslims?
- Several factors need to be mentioned. First of all, there’s the abandonment of the apostolic mission of the church in France in the name of a poorly understood religious dialogue. We know very well that that could only result in the abandonment of the church by the faithful. Then, there is the impossibility of culturally assimilating not individuals, but ethnic and Muslim groups that are concentrated territorially. Add to that the excellent work of Islamic missionaries. We can’t discount either the profusion of new mosques, willed, controlled and financed by Morocco, Algeria and Turkey. Finally we need to mention the maintenance of the original culture of the young people from primary school on, by “ELCO” (enseignement de langue et culture d'origine) [Teaching of Foreign Language and Culture], by teachers sent from the countries of origin in order to transmit Arabic and Islam in our public schools…

- Do you see a solution to this phenomenon?
- I’m rather pessimistic. The media are locked down. There’s no proportional representation of the people in the national parliament. The parties that offer an alternative to the system don’t have enough credibility or serious members. Only exceptional events could provoke a shock to the system. In any case, the only way of turning it around is to get out of the European institutions that are imposing the asylum seekers on us, the family reunions, the open borders that prevent us from expelling groups. It’s taking us on the way to becoming a minority in our own country in less than 50 years.

- Are you suggesting that France should leave the European Union?
- It’s not necessary to leave all European institutions, but we need to stop recognising foreign organisations like the European Court of Justice, which, for example, in an opinion on 22 June 2010, placed strong limits on the possibility of operating border controls across a 20-kilometre stretch of territory because of the Schengen system and free movement. The European Court of Human Rights must no longer impose its nutty decrees on our country, like the obligation to keep foreign criminals on our soil. More generally, the policies concerning immigration must remain within the authority of nation states. Since the Amsterdam and Lisbon treaties, the peoples of the EU have been dispossessed of their sovereignty in this area.

- Could a new evangelisation save France?
- Certainly, but young French people are a long way away from renewing their Catholic faith. They have allowed themselves to become possessed by materialism, individualism and hedonism. The group up in social tribes (based on music, clothes, etc.). 90% of those who have been baptised only go to mass for marriages and funerals...France today is completely secularised. Also, it’s not possible to enter Muslim districts and speak of Christ: the proselytising of "infidels" is forbidden in Islam...evangelists were just attacked last week in a neighbourhood in Nice!

Source: Observatoire de l'islamisation


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