Thursday, 29 September 2011

This is a very interesting idea from Germany which could usefully be copied elsewhere. It is a website designed to prepare the groundwork for a future prosecution of Germany's current generation of media and political leaders: a Nuremberg 2.0.

Based on a wiki concept, it aims to collect information on the "systematic and illegal islamification of Germany and the crimes of left-wing fascists in suppressing the people".

The website's front page features a quote from a December 1947 judgement at the Nuremberg trials, or Nuremberg 1.0 as we might now call it. Officials of the German state were convicted of
conscious participation in a system of cruelty and injustice, spread across the entire country and organized by the government, and the violation of the laws of war and of humanity, committed in the name of law under the authority of the Ministry of Justice with the help of the courts - the murderer’s dagger was hidden beneath the robes of justice.

The website's statement of purpose is as follows:
The islamification of Germany was and is only possible because German politicians, jurists, journalists and other professional groups have made, and continue to make, massive infringements of the substance and spirit of our constitution.

The goal of the "Nürnberg 2.0" project is to record these legal infringements, and to name those responsible publicly so that, at a suitable time, they can be held to account, based on the example of the Nuremberg war crime tribunals of 1945, using legal and democratic means.

The website collects information about individuals who are complicit in the genocide of the German people currently underway, describes their offences and substantiates the accusations with evidence. At the top is a graphic from the page dedicated to Joschka Fischer, pro-Turkey lobbyist and former German foreign minister.

His crimes are listed at the bottom:
Forming a terrorist association
Grievous bodily harm
Attempted manslaughter
Resistance to state authority
Relativising murder committed by RAF [Red Army Faction, a German left-wing terrorist group]
Endangerment of the democratic constitutional order through the establishment of possibilities for illegal immigration
Incitement of hatred against a people
Glorification of the inhuman dictatorship of the GDR (East Germany)
Mockery of German victims of crime through multicult madness
Appeal and incitement to commit a criminal offence

This is a fantastic idea. It would be great to see similar pages set up for every country in Europe. We have to believe that the European Genocide will one day be acknowledged; and hope that at least some of the perpetrators can one day be held to account.


Anonymous said...

We need something like this in England

Anonymous said...

I think that alot of our left wing 'leaders' are actually oblivious to what they are doing to europeans. I feel thier actions are blinded by a utopian view of the world. They think they are fighting for a better world but at the same time do not understand that the survival of their very own people are at stake. To put it mildly, they are IDIOTS. This really hit home to me when Gordon Brown called a British women a 'bigot' when he thought his microphone had been turned off.

So yes they are guilty of precipitating the genocide of their own people but I think there may be an issue of if it constitutes 'treason' if they know not what they are doing?

Regards, A European patriot

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

There's room for debate about the extent of their moral culpability.

What they do know with absolute certainty, however, is that the immigration policies that have allowed large numbers of people to settle in Europe from the undeveloped world have been overwhelmingly opposed by the people who elect them. In countries that are nominally democracies, consciously pursuing policies you know are overwhelmingly opposed by the people over a sustained period, and abusing the power of the state to frustrate the will of the people, amounts to a conspiracy against democracy itself and establishes some degree of moral culpability.

Anonymous said...

Amen, I agree with every word said in the above
comments. There is NO need to say mote.

Anonymous said...

wake up europe before its too late , france belgium germany netherland england +++ react now before its too late

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea! Extreme pressure must be put on the politically-correct appeasers.

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