Monday, 12 September 2011

Reports of Muslims caught plotting to murder Europeans have become so commonplace that they are scarcely even noteworthy any more. Religious warfare has become routine. Every two or three days, another incident comes along. And hostile, aggressive Muslims turning up to show their contempt for us at every solemn national occasion has also become routine.

The media-political class acts like this is just something we have to put up with, like bad weather. Is that really what they would have us believe? That this unpleasantness is just part of the fabric of our national life now until the end of time?

We need to resist the temptation to slip into somnolent acceptance of this new state of affairs. We must always remember that these problems did not come about through chance. They are the result of government policy: the immigration policy that brought these people to our countries. A policy that must be not only stopped, but reversed. The elite think they have created a fait accompli that cannot be undone. They don't understand the power of democracy.


Anonymous said...

Here are the names of the suspects:
Abdi Weli Mohamud, born in 1985, living in Gamlestaden, Gothenburg, arrived in Sweden as a 6 year old, british citizen. Previously convicted for assault.
Somali national.

Abdi Aziz Mahamud, born 1985, living in Hjällbo, Angered (Gothenburg ghettos).
Somali national, not married but has one kid out of wedlock. Arrived in Sweden as a 14 year old.
Lives close to the orthodox muhammadan politician Abdirizak Waberis muhammadan school Römosseskolan (

Mohamud Adel Kulan, born 1987, living in Bergsjön (another Gothenburg ghetto filled with muhammadan devils).
Somali national, unmarried, arrived in Sweden at age 6.

Salar Sami Mahmood, born 1987, living in Västra Frölunda (another part of Gothenburg).
Iraqi national.
Unmarried, arrived in Sweden as a 9 year old.
Information from this link:

The first 3 are al-shabaab somalis, and the fourth is iraqi al-qaeda or possibly member of al-shabaab.

So much for fleeing anything, these people are the ones that make others flee, like Christians and atheists from those hell holes on earth.

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