Sunday, 4 September 2011
On Saturday evening, at Kapfenberg in the Obersteiermark region of Austria, neighbours were shocked when car pulled up in the street, a young man got out, shouted something in a foreign language then dragged a 17-year-old girl into the car while she screamed for help. As soon as she was inside, the car drove off at high speed. The neighbours immediately notified the police and a major search got underway. A helicopter was brought in to assist. Announcements were made on the local media.

Later, however, the search was called off when the 18-year-old kidnapper turned himself in to police. He said that he and the kidnapped girl were engaged and he just wanted to accelerate their marriage. The kidnapping of brides was a Chechen tradition, he insisted. Both "bridegroom" and "bride" were Chechen asylum seekers.

Source: Kleine Zeitung


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