Friday, 2 September 2011

This is unintentionally hilarious dhimmi propaganda. The "moderate Muslims" are portrayed as being in a heroic struggle against "extremism". Most amusingly of all, there is an anti-extremism telephone hotline. If you're a Muslim terrorist who's about to plant a bomb somewhere to help out the global jihad, you can call up and be put through to a "moderate religious scholar" who'll try to convince you that your interpretation of Islamic doctrine is wrong. How crazy is that? Do we need anti-extremism hotlines for Buddhists or Sikhs or Jehova's Witnesses who need to be convinced by a religious scholar not to blow people up? Also note the interesting claim that issues such as "exam stress" can read to "radical violence".

Then there's the usual Muslim demand for more jizya money, accompanied by the implicit threat of violence. "How many terrorists are going to be created through not getting enough support?"


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