Monday, 5 September 2011

After the recent disruptions to the Schengen area, the EU Commission is making a power grab to try and take border control out of the hands of nation states.

Cecilia Malmström (shown above talking to Nigerian immigrants), the EU Commissioner for "Home Affairs" who at first decried the French initiative to stop the influx of Mohammedans over the Italian border then was forced to accept it, is preparing a plan that will require member states to apply for permission before they can close their borders. The EU Commission would then make a formal proposal, a decision on which would be taken under qualified majority voting. The permission would apply for 30 days only, which would then have to be renewed each time for another 30-day period, extendable to a maximum of six months.

Under certain emergency conditions, member states would be allowed to close their borders for 5 days on their own initiative and would then have to apply for permission as outlined above.

Source: FAZ


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