Thursday, 1 September 2011

Police believe that the 28-year-old Nigerian who died after falling from the fifth floor of a building in Mallorca at the weekend was attempting to burgle one of the flats, said a representative of the Balearic Islands government today.

The negro's death provoked mass rioting by his Nigerian compatriots, including the burning of cars, damage to property and attacks on police. A conspiracy theory developed that the negro had either been killed by gypsies or had lost his life while trying to flee from them. Police found no evidence to support these claims.

Instead, they found that the dead Nigerian, Efosa Okosun, had left his shoes on the roof and had been climbing down the front face of the building, presumably intending to burgle one of the flats. Police believe someone spotted him while he was making his descent and started to shout at him. Alarmed at being discovered, the negro then tried to make his escape by climbing back up but instead plummeted to his death when a pipe he was holding broke off.

Preposterously, some of the Nigerians refuse to accept the police version of events and are still demanding "Justice for Efosa".

Source: Alerta Digital


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