Wednesday, 7 September 2011
A leading candidate for Denmark’s Liberal Alliance Party says that in the name of freedom, people should be allowed to have more than one spouse.

“If two women can agree to marry one man, I think it would be OK,” says the Liberal Alliance’s Joachim B. Olsen who is contesting a seat in Copenhagen.

He adds that his view is one of principle, and not a proposal that he is running his election campaign on – adding that polygamous marriages would not be able to take place in a Christian church.

“But in principle, if legislation was produced saying that people were allowed to have more than one spouse – as in registered partnerships – I would never be against it,” says Olsen, who says though that he believes most Danes would prefer to live in a traditional family.

Controversy about polygamy broke out in Denmark in 2007 when an Iraqi who had worked as an interpreter for Danish forces in Iraq, came to Denmark with his two wives.

“I would have nothing against that. If Muslims want pllygamy in Denmark, I have nothing against it, provided that it is voluntary. That is very important,” Olsen says, adding he does not accept cultures which suppress people’s rights through arranged marriages.


Christer said...

If a woman "voluntarily" agrees to be stoned, I think that can be accepted as well.

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