Saturday, 10 September 2011

Brendan O'Neill has a good blog post here on why the British Establishment is so disdainful of the EDL: class hatred. Although he talks only about leftists, the point he makes applies even more to right-wingers who might otherwise have been expected to be more sympathetic to the EDL's views. Telegraph writers like Damian Thompson express sympathy for the Tea Party but disdain for the EDL, even though his posts make it clear that he, too, is concerned about the threat of Islam (or Islamism as he would no insist on calling it).

O'Neill is a committed left-winger who by his own admission favours an open-borders style immigration policy. He has a few redeeming features that set him apart from his fellows, however: he genuinely supports unfettered free speech; he is willing to be critical of his leftist comrades; and he writes excellent prose.


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