Saturday, 3 September 2011
A 15-year-old white boy called Paolo is walking down the street in Dijon with two of his friends, one a North African, the other a negro. An older North African Muslim walks up to them and asks the white boy if he was the one who had just scratched his car. Before waiting for an answer, he punches Paolo and knocks him to the ground. His two companions claimed later that they tried intervene but the aggressor was bigger and stronger. Paolo scrambles to his feet and, with his two friends, tries to get away. The Muslim keeps following them, however, and calls for reinforcements. About 20 other Muslims arrive, intercept the group and attack the white boy, Paolo, savagely beating him. At no point are his North African or negro friends attacked. "We smash the whites!" shouts one of the attackers.

Paolo survived but his eye was badly damaged and by a kick and his face is now massively swollen. He has trouble sleeping.

More pitiful even than the attack, though, is the politically correct reaction of his father, a CEO.
This violence is unbearable to me. I am careful to educate my children to have moral values. Racist words are forbidden in the home. Among us, black, white, Arab, it doesn't matter. It's the person that matters and I am in favour of being open to other cultures. My son's two friends are the proof of that.

That's wonderful. Maybe if you had educated your son to be a bit less "open to other cultures" he'd still be safe and sound.

With these gratuitous attacks on the increase, how can we not be afraid of the rise of the extreme right? How are you going to make the victims and their families resist the siren call of the Front National [Marine Le Pen's party]?

This guy's son has just been attacked by a pack of savages. He could easily have been paralysed or killed. The savages were allowed to enter the country thanks to policies that his father supported. The father's first reaction, however, is not to reconsider the choices he made, but to express fear that such attacks will increase support for his political opponents.

How morally debased is this? Has any people ever before embraced such a suicidal moral framework? Even when their own children are attacked by aliens, they refuse to take the actions required to make them safe.
These s...., these cowards have just tarnished the image of the North African community, who don't deserve it. But why don't they act? Why don't they do what is necessary to maintain order?

His primary response to a pack of Muslims almost murdering his own son is fear that it has "tarnished the image of the North African community"!
The policeman who spoke to us was very good. He did his job and listened to us. But I couldn't help feeling, between the lines, a kind of powerlessness. As if these gangs, these hordes could no longer be controlled.
Source: Bien Public Via: Observatoire de l'Islamisation


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