Wednesday, 24 August 2011
With his broad experience of the British empire in all its diversity, Winston Churchill had some interesting views on race. Below are some extracts from Andrew Roberts' book, Eminent Churchillians:

The very week he left office in April 1955 he was asked whether he had seen the film Carmen Jones. According to Lord Moran's diaries.

Winston replied that he didn't like 'blackamoors' and had walked out early in the proceedings. He asked, a little irrelevantly, what happened when blacks got measles. Could the rash be spotted? When he was told that there was a very high mortality among Negroes from measles he growled, 'Well, there are plenty left, they've a high rate of production.'

'Are you aware,' Churchill once rang Lennox-Boyd in the early hours of the morning to enquire, 'that a British sailor was birched by order of a Chink?'

Churchill's 1888 book, The River War, is also a masterpiece of political incorrectness. See some juicy extracts from it here or download the whole thing from Project Gutenberg here.


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