Wednesday, 10 August 2011
The indigenous English people who had gathered in Eltham to defend their own town against looting (see video posted by Johnny Rottenborough below) has now been dispersed by the police. Over 1000 police were assembled to challenge 200 white men. Consider this extraordinary allocation of resources at a time when the entire city is threatened with pillaging.

Over the last few days, we have endured a seemingly endless approving media focus on the Dalston Turks, who chased away black looters from their shops, or the dagger-wielding Sikhs who assembled around their temple last night. But white people, it seems, are not allowed to defend their territory in the same way. Even when they do nothing wrong, when they are simply standing guard in their own town, any gathering of the indigenous population is perceived as threatening and unacceptable.

From the Guardian:
My colleague Ben Quinn, who's Eltham in south east London, has rung in to say that hundreds of white men have been dispersed by the police from the high street.

He says: "The men were moved on after being served with a section 27 dispersal order. It's not a kettle but it's designed to move the large group away in different directions."

One local man told him that messages had been posted on Facebook groups "and the word spread that there were going to be groups of black youths coming from neighbouring areas, such as Lewisham.

The man went on to claim that "everyone knows this is a white area and we're surrounded by black areas. We've a reputation for being racist but it's not fair."

Ben adds that the police are out in force in riot gear and there are at least a dozen police vans parked on the high street.

Alex Thomson of Channel Four News has tweeted that hundreds of riot police were confronting about 200 EDL supporters in Eltham, with at least one arrest being made.

He tweeted: "Bottles thrown at riot cops by group of middle aged white guys.

"They're shouting EDL slogans at cops. Cops charging crowd out from Eltham town ctr.

"100s cops - many Welsh - making at least 1. Arrest. Pushed back crowd of white m-aged men shouting EDL and chucking stuff. Over 1000 cops here.
Source: Guardian


Johnny Rottenborough said...

It’s disgusting. I’m too angry to say anything else.

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