Tuesday, 30 August 2011
It seems that in response to the Breivik massacre the Utopian establishment has decided to block out on one of the few remaining rays of freedom that manages to make it into our sunken cells: newspaper comments. The post below this one describes the new crackdown in Sweden. It looks as though the whole concept may have originated with the Socialist party in Norway, however.
The president of the Socialist party of the left, Kristin Halvorsen, has launched a campaign on Facebook in which people promise to denounce any abuse of language of a xenophobic character on the internet, particularly in the comments to articles in online newspapers.
Source: Rue89

This is a sinister new encroachment on our freedom. I personally have learned a lot from comments on the Daily Telegraph site; and, while I wouldn't say I've learned much from the Guardian's comments, it was the spectacle of censorship there that first started my political reorientation.

Maybe this will ultimately be a good thing, however. I read that Fjordman's embrace of the Counterjihad started when his letters to newspapers on Islamic topics were censored. I imagine that there may have been similarly formative experiences in the life stories of many of those now prominent in the Counterjihad movement. Censorship is a kind of political murder. It provokes anger. And that anger may ultimately take productive forms.


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