Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A member of the English Defence League experiences the knee-jerk hatred and violence of the Left.

Unite Against Fascism managed to get hold of my address and they started threatening me. They obviously don’t like what I do, they don’t like the idea that I’m being truthful. And it just got out of hand, sending letters—‘You’re next you Nazi scum, your time will come’—and then one morning around 2 am my Land Rover was set on fire and destroyed.


John Pierre said...

Lots more to come as the left get more and more nervous about the rise in anti-immigrant parties across Europe.

The common ground is Islam and my feeling is that the left and I include Cameron in that group, are getting increasingly worried about what lies ahead.
Neither have the balls nor the brians to admit it, so its business as usual while we sit and watch it all unfold.

If anyone has got a credible alternative, I'd love to hear it.

ps. Good to see you're still posting Johnny.
Best wishes, Popeye.

Johnny Rottenborough said...

John—Islam and the Left were made for each other. Convinced of their righteousness, they use mob rule, and worse, to silence their opponents. They’re short on reasoned arguments but more than make up for it with passion and self-belief.

Thanks for the encouragement. I can’t hope to match Cheradenine’s prodigious output but I do what I can. I’ll do another post on the Qur’an—the gift that keeps on giving—when I can get my head round the absurdity of it all. My love to Olive Oyl.

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