Saturday, 27 August 2011
This is my translation of a French news article. Note how the journalist just accepts Muslim violence as normal and shifts the blame on to the Christians who were the victims of it. This is an area where Picasso used to live, a place where he created some of his most famous works. Now more than 80% Muslim.
Did they intend a provocation a few days from the end of Ramadan? Or are they simply naive visionaries? Difficilt to say. But what is certain is that this initiative of two representatives of an evangelical church in Ain has something puzzling about it.

On Wednesday evening they turned up in the Hauts de Vallauris area (former Zaïne) with bibles beneath their arms. Dressed in black, they knocked at the doors of the inhabitants – who are more than 80% Muslim – to speak to them about Resurrection, repentance, the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross… But all they got for it was the sacrifice of their car. Because, while they were trying to preach the Gospel, a group of youths from Zaïne attacked their Opel Meriva. They literally tore it to pieces: broken glass, fractured windscreen, doors smashed in, tyres burst…

Surprised, at least officially, the two Protestant evangelists filed a complaint at Vallauris police station.


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