Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I've previously compared the decision of Europe's elites to allow the continent to be colonised by non-Europeans, taken shortly after the Second World War, with the decision in 376 of the Roman emperor Valens to allow the Goths to immigrate into Roman territory and settle there. Valens himself was killed by the immigrants two years later. And they caused continual havoc over the next few generations, finally bringing the Roman Empire in the west to an end in 476, exactly one hundred years after the fateful decision to allow them in.

The Goths didn't enter Roman territory expecting to conquer and subdue it. At the time they entered, they still had great respect for Rome's power and reputation. This, too, is comparable with the first generation of third-world immigrants into Europe. But the Goths soon found that Rome had become extraordinarily weak. They were surprised by this, but they were quick to take advantage of it. In 410, they subjected the city of Rome itself to looting and pillaging. This episode is known as the Sack of Rome.

In many ways, the Sack of Rome seems comparable to the recent pillaging of London. The looters, like the Goths, are simply predators who have sensed weakness. The same is true of the boatloads of Africans making their way across the Mediterranean in a continual stream. They sense that Europe is no longer capable of defending itself, not because of the lack of physical power, but because its power has been paralysed by a strength-sapping ideology, one that prevents Europe taking the measures required to defend itself. Call it what you will - Utopianism, multiculturalism, Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, moral relativism. This ideology is killing our civilisation.


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