Saturday, 13 August 2011

These images are from the CCTV footage of the street where the three Muslims died after being run over by a car. Some of it was shown on Channel 4 news. Subsequently, they have been proclaimed heroes by just about everyone in the politics and media establishment despite the fact that, as reported by the Times, they attacked the car first.

The poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy wrote a preposterous poem about this incident, an extract from which is quoted below:
After the evening prayers at the mosque,

came the looters in masks,

and you three stood,

beloved in your neighbourhood,

brave, bright, brothers,

The images clearly show, however, that these 'heroic' Muslims were wearing masks, too, and were seriously tooled up with bats and sticks. They first chase some people down the street one way then walk back the other way to where the incident with the car occurred off-camera. Why did they attack the car with the four negroes in it? Could it be that they were motivated by racial prejudice?


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