Thursday, 4 August 2011
An alleged victim of child-sex groomers sobbed in court yesterday as she was labelled “a wicked woman” and a “compulsive liar” by a barrister defending one of the men accused of selling her for sex to restaurant workers.

She was required to read out details of sexual abuse — unconnected to any of the seven defendants or the charges — that she was said to have suffered at the hands of her stepfather when she was aged 13.

The young woman, now 19, is the third of seven alleged victims of sexual exploitation in Telford, Shropshire, to give evidence at Stafford Crown Court in a trial that began almost three months ago. During many days of cross-examination, all three have been accused of fabricating allegations against seven men facing a total of 52 charges including rape, sexual activity with a child, controlling child prostitution and child trafficking.

The third alleged victim faced a second day of questioning yesterday by Tayyab Khan, defending Ahdel Ali, 23, who with his brother, Mubarek Ali, 28, is accused of arranging her prostitution in 2008 and 2009, when she was 16.

On Tuesday Mr Khan accused her of being “very good at making up stories” and asked her about difficulties with her stepfather in 2005. “I don’t feel that has to be brought up in court, about my family problems,” she replied.

Mr Khan suggested that she had invented a story about her stepfather raping her before subsequently telling the police that the allegation was untrue.

She vehemently insisted that “it wasn’t a false allegation”. She had retracted her story “to protect my mum”.

Yesterday, Mr Khan asked her to read aloud the record of a 2005 police interview in which she made the original allegations against her stepfather.

Now crying, the young woman read out a section in which she gave an account of an alleged sexual assault on her by her stepfather. She broke down once more.

With some members of the jury shaking their heads, the judge intervened: “It’s extremely painful for the witness, Mr Khan. Why can’t you read it to her?” After a short break, the jury returned to hear Mr Khan ask her about another occasion involving her stepfather: “He wanted sexual favours from you. He pulled you towards him.” She agreed.

The barrister read out a graphic sentence in which the girl had described what her stepfather did to her.

The jury was told that when the girl, who was then 13, made allegations about her stepfather to her mother, police were immediately contacted. A day later, however, she changed her story, told the police that “nothing happened” and that everything she had said to the first officer was “a lie”.

She said that she had withdrawn the allegations “because I didn’t want my mum to be upset”.
“You are a compulsive liar,” Mr Khan said. “You have told lies about my client, also?”
The trial continues.
Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...

what was her Defense Council doing - sitting on his arse whilst listening to the B.S? The girl is being questionned by men, was raped by men, abused by her stepfather - ALL BLOODY MEN - who should be castrated. Were there any women on the jury. What a carnival of hopelessness and liars.. She does not have a chance. May God help her.

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