Sunday, 14 August 2011
These are the prescriptions of the so-called American supercop, Bill Bratton: more negroes in the police and collaboration with civil rights groups. Sounds like exactly the kind of diabolical concoction that produced the problem in the first place, if you ask me.
The former New York and Los Angeles police chief, who will meet David Cameron next month to share his expertise in tackling gang violence and street crime, said crime-fighting solutions that have worked in the US, such as making police forces more ethnically diverse, could get results in the UK.

Bratton said British police needed to focus on calming racial tensions by working more with community leaders and civil rights groups, noting that communities could not "arrest their way out" of gang crime.

Employing more police officers from ethnic minority communities was another potential long-term solution to stopping future disorder, he said.

"Part of the issue going forward is how to make policing more attractive to a changing population," said Bratton.

Los Angeles and New York had benefited from police forces that "reflect the ethnic make-up of the cities".
Source: Guardian


Johnny Rottenborough said...

❛We are repeating mistakes already made in America, where some forces promoted black officers to meet quotas. It had two harmful effects. Sergeants who were promoted beyond their abilities were called ‘quota sergeants’ and mistrusted. But the system also undermined the authority of black sergeants who deserved promotions, because of the suspicion that they had progressed by playing the race card.

Sectional groups also undermine police impartiality in the eyes of the public. Such groups not only press for preferential treatment of their own members, but also demand an interpretation of the law that benefits their favourite community. For example, in 2008 a Muslim police community support officer, and activist in the National Association of Muslim Police, warned two Christian ministers handing out leaflets in Birmingham that they were committing an offence. He told them they were ‘in a Muslim area’ and not allowed to spread their Christian message. Encouraging local youths to leave Islam was a ‘hate crime’.

More recently, the same body has campaigned to alter police counter-terrorism strategy, arguing that Muslims were being unfairly targeted. It submitted what it thought was a secret memo to the Commons’ Home Affairs select committee and said on its website that it was ‘deeply disappointed’ to discover that it had been made public. It went on to call for more Muslim police officers to be appointed to senior positions in counter-terrorism command.❜—Daily Telegraph

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