Wednesday, 24 August 2011

In Salt, the Catalan city that is on the frontlines of the Muslim invasion of Europe, an anti-mosque protest scheduled for this Saturday has been banned by order of the council. The previous Socialist government, whose extreme anti-European, multiculturalist policies provoked local indignation that came close to the lynch mob level, secretly signed a deal with a group of Salafist Muslims, allowing them to construct a mosque in an industrial park in the city. It is said that this mosque, if completed, would be the largest Salafist mosque in Europe.

(The photo shows the previous Socialist mayor, Iolanda Pineda, holding hands with various Muslims; the one highlighted in red is a criminal.)

When the secret deal was revealed following the ejection of the Socialist government in May this year, the local people were outraged again. The Catalan nationalist party Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC), which is strongly anti-immigration and anti-Islam (or "racist" and "xenophobic" according to the Guardian-equivalent El País), organised an anti-mosque protest intended to take place on 27 August (Saturday). The local council, however, now controlled by the Convergència i Unió (CiU) party, has just issued a decree banning the demonstration. It justifies this on public safety grounds, arguing that Muslims from all over Catalonia were planning to come to Salt on the same day to hold a counter-demonstration, creating a serious risk of violence.

Yet again we see the threat of Muslim violence being invoked as an excuse to suppress the freedoms of ordinary Europeans.

The PxC has announced that it will appeal against the decision, however. It expects to prevail and hopes the anti-mosque demonstration will go ahead as originally planned.

Source: Alerta Digital


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