Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A fascinating study was conducted in Algeria during Ramadan in the year 2007. The heads of various large public and private organisations, such as hospital managers, police commissioners, fire station chiefs, company directors, etc. were approached and asked to provide statistics on notable changes that occurred during Ramadan compared to other months. The results, shown below, prove that Ramadan is a menace to the public weal.

There should be immediate follow-up studies to see whether these results are replicated among Muslim colonist communities living in western nations. If the results are corroborated here, too, politicians and the media should stop subsidising Ramadan events, and stop pretending that Ramadan is some joyous public occasion. Instead, there should be public recognition of the fact that Ramadan represents a clear and present danger to both Muslims and everyone who comes into contact with them.
Hospital emergency services
- Work accidents: + 150% compared to yearly average
- Medical emergencies: + 300%
- Domestic accidents: + 250% compared to other months of the year
- Fights and disputes causing injuries: +400%
- Traffic accidents: + 42%
- Food poisoning: + 39%
- Deterioration and complications of chronic illnesses: +80%
- Death: +18%

Police stations
- Petty crime: +220%
- Fights, disputes, battery, assaults: + 320%
- Women and children beaten in the home during Ramadan: +120%
- Number of criminal complaints filed: +40%
- Offences relating to the sale and consumption of drugs and other narcotics: +96%
- Car theft, fraud, forgery and use of forgeries: +180%.

Gendarmerie brigades
- Traffic accidents: +52%
- Fights and public order offences: +320%
- Women and children beaten in the home during Ramadan: +72%

- Serious work accidents, fires: +20%
- Physical attacks with cuts and injuries, battery: +160%
- Thefts and fraud: +42%

Company directors, public and private sector
- Absenteeism in the workplace: +120%
- Output: – 62%
- Lateness: + 132%
- Total absences at work during the month of Ramadan (various kinds of leave) + 240%
- Work accidents: +72%
- Conflicts at work: + 32%

Price and hygiene monitoring services
- Illegal and unjustified increases in prices: +420%
- Illegal or unauthorised commercial activity: +340%
- Lack of hygiene in large shopping spaces: +140%
- Products unfit for consumption: +540%
- Products of dubious or unknown origin: + 640%
- Commercial activity not compliant with corporate status: 167%
- Merchandise fraud and labelling problems: 212%
- Unauthorised sale on public highway: +620%

Fire brigade
- On-site interventions: +520%
- Number of accidents: + 410%
- Domestic accidents: +295%
- Work accidents: +156%
- Number of evacuations to hospital casualty department: +245%
- Number of injured: + 214%
- Number of dead: +80%
- Telephone calls to emergency and safety services: +520%.

Sources: Defrancisation, El Watan


Johnny Rottenborough said...

I was on a domestic flight in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan and got talking to a Saudi who spent the entire month flying around the country, travellers being exempt from fasting. Others used to eat all night and then sleep it off during the day.

bookmarking said...

Ramadan Says:

I got a great knowledge about islam after reading this article i want more articles about islam and The holy Month Ramadan

Astuga said...

Ramadan - the fake fasting.

Daily before sunrise (suhoor), they eat and drink.
Daily after sunset (iftar), they eat and drink like it was thanksgiving.
And before the following sunrise, they eat and drink again.
During Ramadan the most food is consumed in muslim families, compared to the rest of the year.
Like so often in Islam, the reality is the opposite of what muslims claim to be truth.

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