Thursday, 4 August 2011
A new prefect for public safety, Gilles Leclerc, has just been appointed in Marseilles. His predecessors admitted that Marseilles was a "violent city, everywhere" and the state prosecutor even compared it to the "favelas" in Rio. Police stations were moved out of the Muslim-dominated public housing estates because the police were under constant siege there. La Provence newspaper interviews him.
"I can't solve on my own all the problems associated with being a poor city, one that has suffered from 50 years of immigration and a tradition of banditry".

La Provence: Why not put police stations back in the housing estates?
Gilles Leclerc: "It's not on the agenda and I don't think we'll come back to that. We have to think of the safety of the police officers! Nevertheless, I would like us to come back there..."


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