Monday, 29 August 2011

Nigerians go on the rampage and attack police after one of their own is found dead. The dead negro on the pavement, a Nigerian, fell from the fifth floor of a building. It's not known definitively whether the fall was an accident or deliberate; however, his Nigerian compatriots claim he was thrown off by some gypsies.

The disturbances lasted for three hours. Note the bizarre, savage ululations of the Nigerian onlookers as the corpse is taken away to Dead Negro Storage.

Source: Alerta Digital


Apparently the Nigerians were complaining that the police mounted raids on negroes but not on gypsies. This is why they attacked the police. The Nigerians claimed that there had been a fight in the building involving gypsies before the negro fell.

However, the police currently believe that the death was just an accident and that the dead negro had been trying to climb from one flat to another using a gas pipe which gave way under his weight.

The neighbourhood Son Gotleu has been massively colonised by immigrants in recent years and is considered a problem area. There is constant conflict there among the different groups of immigrants.



Anonymous said...

the gypsies are always troublesome,they always like to fight,they dont work,they dont go to school,they are always at home looking for one govt property to destroy or somebody to kill.plz i beg the spainish govt to do something about them,before they turn mallorca to a no-go area.

Anonymous said...

when on earth will these people ´<gypsies< will stop disturbing d peace inocent blacks in spain?they full of fighting,stealing and killing non of them is free both d men and women maybe they thought to d kings of spain.spanish goverment should do somithg fast be4 this GITANOS issure will get out of hands.

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