Wednesday, 10 August 2011
There are indications - not from reliable sources as yet, it must be stressed, but worth taking note of all the same - that a race war may have broken out in Birmingham between negroes and "Asians". Two Asians (Shazad Hussain and his brother 'Harry', reportedly shop owners) appear to have been killed after having been run over by a car. The action seems to be centred on the Aston area.

Snippets of information are coming from the website Birmingham riots. A few of these are reproduced below:
Rioters are shooting at police in Aston :(

police have lost control in the aston/lozells area Asian youths have started to beat up the looters police outnumbered the looters don’t know where to run

i live in Aston and all i can hear are police sirens and i can see Asian youths are defending there area i heard its all kicking off in lozells the rioters have nowhere to go there aint egnoug police they are not doing anything the rioters are trying to run but there outnumbered

a police officer has been shot in the aston area of birmingham and two british pakistanis are rumoured to have been murdered on dudley road. fights are breaking out in lozells and aston right now. shop owners and locals are protecting there highstreets. the police cant seem to handle the situation. deploying more cops obviously hasnt helped :(

The unconfirmed reports I’m hearing are that a young Asian man has been run over and killed on Dudley Road during the brawl. RIP if true. Still trying to get more information on this.

A guy named Shahzad, 28, was killed in the brawl on Dudley Road and his brother ‘Harry’, 21, is in critical condition.

OK, West Midlands Police just confirmed that 3 men are in hospital after being run over during the brawl on Dudley Road.


Ruthys said...


KALA TATA said...

Fuckin black cunts robbing rice bags...dont 4get da yam n onions....

Anonymous said...

It is evident from the above postings that this site is trying to hype the situation further.

People need to wake up, there is no war between Asian and Blacks. Every one wants to scapegoat blacks for everything. The asian commmunity need to recognise that most racist white people in the UK do not like Asians either and view them the same as black people. Trust me i see and hear it. Do not think because within your communities you have a high number of business's and are educated. I commend your community for remaining solid and supporting one another however you are still viewed as second class citizens by most racist europeans even though you may be wealthier or more educated than they are.

Look at the policies that European governments have implemented with regards to Islam and Asian culture.

I urge the Asian community to wake up to what is happening within the structure of British society and recognise that the White racists brits are currently turning on Blacks for the current riots, but beleive me that in the near future the Asian community will also be scapegoated for the wrongs of Britain,

Remember what you watch on the TV is only a small percent of what is happening on the streets of the UK. different races were involved in the rioting. However the Media will show you pictures that they wants you too see. and you know who controls the media.

Wake up people.

Anonymous said...

A look from the side - I'm not from Britain.
When you ride metro in London you can see there is no white people, if you see a white you see luggage as well - so it's a tourist. There is no whites working in small shops, in small hotels. Old Londoners feel strangers in their own town, they leave the town.
Why it happens? Because immigrants never assimilate. They make communuties. They refuse studing language and culture, they refuse behaving as it's accepted for centuries in the country they are guests in.
Why they should? Because you never come to see your friends and say they have to feed you and give you bed forever. You never ask them to change their habits when you live at the their's. If your friends are so kind to let you live with them for long when you're down you try to do your best not to break their comfort. You never destroy your friend's house.
So why immigrants think that people in the accepting country owe them citizenship, dole and other benefits just for colour of their skin? Why they destroy houses, shops, cars, etc.?
In all nations there are nice intelligent clever people. I respect them no matter what colour their skin is.
I hate hooligans, robbers and gangsters no matter what colour their skin is.
We don't see intelligent immigrants because they assimilate.
We see thugs breaking our homes and our life.

If I say - "Gangsters, thugs and thieves go home!" - would it make difference?

Anonymous said...

black and whites love football and ska music they will always be a great connection.others need to sort themselves out and really join the super brits.

Anonymous said...

all these immigrants cant go home yet because they are not wanted back home,but your denying your childs history and is entering a boom phase, and asia will be where the riches will be for the next 500 years.think about your next generation who need a place called home.i would save up and go home.

Anonymous said...

white people went all over Africa and asia it didn't work,so it will happen to Asians in Britain one day.

Anonymous said...

by the way im white,but two of the greatest men to live of all time were Ghandi and martin luthor king.forget colour.

Mike said...

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