Wednesday, 10 August 2011
From the Birmingham riots website:
Understandably I’m now getting a lot of reports of racial tension connected to the deaths of the Pakistani guys last night on Dudley Rd. Every kind of report you can possibly imagine in my Tumblr inbox, but the common theme is that the Asian community are incensed and want revenge and that there’s a strong possibility of gangs coming to Birmingham from other cities like Leicester and Manchester in response to the deaths last night.

I’m fearful because this racial tension isn’t new - but this has undoubtedly exacerbated it. Some of you might remember the riots we had in Handsworth and Lozells a few years ago, where it was alleged that Asian guys had attacked a young black girl after she was caught shoplifting. It kicked off and there were deaths then too. As it turned out, when everything calmed down, the original story appeared to be nothing more than a rumor and nobody seemed quite sure that it had happened.

Another message that is being posted by Blackberry:
‘everyman keep off the road tonight, Birmingham is going to be madness, people from london, leicester, derby, manchester to f**k up birmingham of them 3 asian guys that got killed in winson green there coming to riot hard and i don’t want no one to lose their life because of it, stay in your yards and pass this on’


jstech said...

I have understood the attacks between thank u for submitting

sarath said...

thanks a lot.....

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