Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Did you hear about the mosque shooting in Denmark yesterday? Probably not, because there's been virtually no coverage of it. The reason is simple: this was Muslim-on-Muslim violence. So the powers-that-be decide it's not newsworthy. But imagine this had been another Breivik shooting the Muslims coming out of the mosque. It would have been an international sensation.

This perfectly replicates the Muslim mindset that obsesses about the relatively few Muslims who are killed by non-Muslims in various places around the world (Israel, etc.) but ignores the much larger number of Muslims who are killed by other Muslims. It constitutes further proof that the western media is increasingly assimilating and internalising the Muslim worldview.
One person was killed and two others reported injured in a shooting incident outside the Amerikavej mosque in Copenhagen, where Muslims were congregating to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the end of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan.

“The incident is related to the people who were present in the mosque, but not necessarily anything to do with the mosque or prayers. It is probably an internal dispute between people of Pakistani origin,” Dep. Chief Inspector Lau Thygesen tells

The person killed is reported to be a 21-year-old man. Details of the injured have not been released.

A large congregation was present inside and arriving at the mosque as tumultuous scenes developed outside among a group of young people.

An eyewitness told TV2News that the shooting came following a heated disagreement between young people.

“There was a disagreement between a group of young people and suddenly there were shots. I would say about 20 shots,” Kuran Qureshi said, adding “Everyone ran for cover and hid behind vehicles and whatever they could find. There were women and children there too.”

Police are searching for a heavily-built man, said to be around 30 and wearing a tunic and suede jacket. He is reported to have been driving a green van with number plates beginning with the letters RD.


Anonymous said...

The person murdered was in fact a 24 year old Pakistani male. He was shot and stabbed multiple times be a group of three men, who were Pakistani too. Apparently the victim was not one of God's best behaved children if judgede by the man's crimanal record, which suggests that his life might meet an abrupt and violent end:

- in 2005 he was sentenced to five years prison for the attempted murder of a 19-year old American exchange student, whom he stabbed after some bar altercation
- some years later while imprisoned in Copenhagen's notorious Vestre Fængsel he took part in a gang's beating of a fellow inmate, who broke his cheekbone and lost a few teeth
- he was arrested for taking part in an assault in the street on a man who was severely beaten with baseball bats by a group of men
- outside the mosque where he was killed, apparently he was accompanied by two armed men, described by Copenhagen police as bodyguards. The two men shot at the attackers who both got hurt and then fled. Photos from surveillance cameras have been released by police who are now seeking these men.

All of this is thoroughly described in Danish media.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thanks for the info.

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