Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ginés Quiñonero, president of the Orson Welles neighbourhood association, claims the rioting was the inevitable result of the government's policy of settling third-world immigrants in the neighbourhood. He claims the government has ignored complaints about uncontrolled immigration for years.

Now it is clear who rules here: the Nigerians.

Quiñonero notes that his letter to the government requesting a meeting so that he and the other locals could explain what was happening in the area had gone unanswered. Until yesterday. Now a meeting has suddenly been scheduled for later in the week.

This is not the first time riots have broken out in Mallorca. Two years ago there was "open urban warfare" as tensions between Nigerians and gypsies reached boiling point.

Note the English-language sign held up by this negro.


Efosa is the dead negro. His full name was Efosa Okosun. According to Wikipedia, however, Abike Dabiri is a Nigerian politician, responsible for "Diaspora Affairs".
Abike Dabiri-Erewa, born in Jos, Plateau State is a Nigerian politician and member of the Nigeria Federal House of Representatives representing Ikorodu Constituency in Lagos State. She was the Chairman of the House Committee on Media & Publicity. She is currently the chairman of House Committee on Diaspora Affairs.

Polices sources say, however, that there is no indication of foul play. They believe the Nigerian fell while trying to move from one balcony to the next, after a pipe he was gripping broke away.

Consider the absurdity of this. In Britain, we recently saw alien riots break out when a gun-carrying criminal of immigrant origin was killed by the police. In France, it is even worse. Riots were provoked once when a Muslim criminal was killed after he had robbed a casino at gunpoint and was trying to make his getaway while shooting at the police. But now they're doing it for simple accidents! A negro falls to his death by pure chance and his African compatriots go on a rampage, attacking the police and trying to turn it into an international cause celebre! How crazy is this?

According to El Pais, three out of ten of the residents of the Son Gotleu neighbourhood are of African origin.

Last night, in a ridiculous multicult gesture, supposed representatives of the Nigerian and gypsy "communities" walked round the neighbourhood together in a symbolic show of unity.

Sources: Alerta Digital, Mallorca Zeitung, El Pais

Photo credits: Miquel Garau


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