Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Just watching Sky News, Kay Burley was interviewing a businessman (apparently Big Jim of Big Jim's Trims although he didn't look very big to me) whose shop had been trashed. He was describing what had happened the night before and said he saw about 100 black youths rampaging down the street towards his store. Burley them immediately rebuked him. "Oh come on, are you sure? They can't all have been black. I'm sure there must have been some white people there."

He replied, "You're right. There was one white person there. Me."

Burley insisted, "There must have been some other white people."

The businessman replied, "Well, if there were, I didn't see any."

Big Jim has apparently become some kind of truth-telling hero on the internet. His website is no longer accessible because its bandwidth limit has been exceeded. I still haven't been able to find a video of his interview with Kay Burley, though.

UPDATE: Video of the interview found and added! Thanks to Anonymous!


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Excellent! Thank you!

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