Monday, 8 August 2011
A gang of vandals broke the windows of an Islamic bank in Whitechapel but were chased off by a rival gang of 100 Muslim youths who are standing guard outside the East London Mosque.
Source: Telegraph

And in a similar vein:
Earlier tonight Turkish and Kurdish shopowners in the Stoke Newington area of North London were guarding their premises with baseball bats. There are reports now of "hundreds" of young turkish men chasing a group of young black men down nearby Kingsland Road, Hackney.

I've noticed that some of the foreign Counterjihad blogs are tending to assume that the rioters are mainly Muslim. In fact, this is not so. They are mainly Afro-Caribbean, probably of Christian background. I never thought I would stand up to defend our Muslim friends, but there you go. The facts are the facts. The truth about Islam is bad enough. There is no need to exaggerate it.

But this is a good illustration of what happens when the media practises routine censorship. People lose confidence in it and tend to project their own worst fantasies on to the limited news reporting. In some cases, they will end up believing things that are more darkly tinged with paranoia than if the media had simply reported all the unbiased facts in the first place. The loss of trust in public media is corrosive.


Anonymous said...

Well your white christians have teamed up with Afro-Carribeans. Watch this video

Anonymous said...

Good for them, they're defending their properties from scum!



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