Wednesday, 3 August 2011

In Porte d'Aix, Marseilles, Mohammedans youths have stolen a parking centre from the company that owns the concession and are now operating it themselves. The company, Vinci Park, simply abandoned the parking centre months ago because of the levels of crime there.

"There were incidents of damage, intimidation of our staff. We had to file about 20 complaints. But no one did a thing. We left. It's not up to us to establish public safety."

Once the company left, the Mohammedans moved in and put up their own signs. "€5, pay when you leave." One of these "jeunes" lifts the barrier to let cars in and out.

Since, unlike the company, the Mohammedans don't clean the place, it's becoming rather dirty. And the Mohammedans also don't pay €100,000 to the local government that the company used to. Thus the third world encroaches further on civilisation.



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