Monday, 8 August 2011
In Morocco, McDonalds is enforcing shariah law by refusing to serve Muslims during the daytime in the month of Ramadan. Anyone trying to order a meal will be asked to produce some form of identification. The serving staff will then make a judgement about whether the person is a Muslim or not and serve or refuse to serve them on that basis.

Moroccan ID cards contain no reference to religion, however. The McDonalds staff are reduced to making guesses about the religion of their would-be clients based on cues like their forenames (people with names like Mohammed or Fatimah are assumed to be Muslims); likewise, people with passports from countries that are predominantly Islamic are assumed to be Muslims. Of course, this constitutes de facto enforcement of one of the principles of the Shariah, namely that once you are a Muslim you cannot cease to be one. You cannot abandon your Islamic faith.

KFC and Kentucky Fried Chicken are said to be acting in a similar way. These chains justify their actions with reference to Article 222 of the Moroccan penal code which provides for a prison term of 6 months - 1 year and a fine for anyone known to be a Muslim who ostentatiously breaks the fast of Ramadan in a public place.

It is shocking that western companies are now getting into the sharia enforcement business. How long before they do it in the west too?

Source: Slate Afrique


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