Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Media dishonesty about these riots is embodied in this photograph which is today emblazoned across the front page of several different newspapers. In day that produced many striking images, why have so many different newspapers picked this exact photograph to lead their coverage with? The answer is obvious: because it is one of the rare images of the riots that features a white person.

There is systematic media dishonesty about the negro nature of this rioting. It amounts to a negro uprising against the indigenous population, and it's time that truth was acknowledged.

The newspapers featuring this image on their front pages are: the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mirror, the Metro and the Independent.

Almost all other newspapers lead with the image below:

What is significant about this image? The person is so covered up that you can't tell whether he is black or white. So the media is systematically trying to cover up the negro element in this rioting.


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