Monday, 1 August 2011
Spain's socialist Prime Minister, Jose Luis Zapatero, has called for Morocco to be admitted to the EU as well as Turkey. Shamelessly using the Norway massacre to advance his own political agenda, Zapatero said that both Turkey and Morocco should be admitted to the EU "as a gesture of reconciliation with the Islamic world".
That the only casualties of the twin bombings of Norway are European origin and people outside the Islamic religion has not prevented the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, calling on EU leaders for Morocco and Turkey to be allowed entry into the European Union as a gesture of reconciliation with the Islamic world.

The Spanish Government’s President spoke about that support in phone calls to both to the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Alawite ruler of Morocco (what do Erdogan and King Mohammed VI have to do with Norwegian murder? No Muslim was murdered, no Moroccan or Turkish citizen was murdered or hurt…), in which he reiterated his commitment to the alliance of civilizations as the only way possible for a north-south agreement. Zapatero argues that both Turkey and Morocco meet the requirements set by the EU to join their project.

He acknowledged that so far-reaching integration takes time and deliberation, but hoped that the position in favor of those accessions would gain the majority in the heart of community partners

On the other hand, Zapatero reiterated today that Oslo would be the place to do an act of “democratic assertion”, needed after the attacks last Friday in the city and the island of Utøya.

For the Spanish Socialist leader, the double bombing at the hands of Behring Anders Breivik should be classified as a very serious incident that requires a European shared response. In his opinion, an urgent action is needed in the field of international cooperation regarding security, but also from the policy of the Heads of State and Government of member countries.

“The EU should take the initiative. I already proposed this discussion subject and I hope it has an specific translation, must have it”, he said before stressing that Europe can not continue as if nothing had happened.


Anonymous said...

If Morocco is admitted into the EU Spain is completely done for. Correction, all of Europe would be done for. It would be the ultimate gateway for mass immigration of Muslims. The likes of which Europe has never seen. Moroccans as well as Tunisians, Algerians, Egyptians, etc. will use that path to get into the EU. Many would stop and settle in Spain. Many would just use Spain to get into other countries. It would be a complete flood. Jose has gone mad.

I better take my vacation to Madrid now while its still somewhat spanish.

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