Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Speaking on the Today programme, professional grievance-monger Claudia Webbe drew a distinction between violence against the community and violence against the police:

ClaudiaWebbe by user7629274

It appeared to me that those who were attacking the police directly—those who weren’t necessarily carrying out the criminal and violent acts and the looting, because there was that element—but there were clearly those, an element that were attacking the police directly and seeking to attack anything they regarded as ‘institution’, who were venting out, I believe, issues to do with inequality, decades of generational unemployment, poverty, stop and search, over-policed if you like, and I think they were venting that.

Why blame yourself or your community for your failure when, with the blessing of the Chairperson of New Scotland Yard’s Operation Trident Independent Advisory Group, you can vent your frustration on the police?


Ralph Lynn said...

The rioters are 'protesters' according to al BBC. Darcus Thingy compares the rioting and looting to the situation in Syria!

It is an outbreak of heartlessness and Claudia Webbe reveals her own shrivelled spirit.

Johnny Rottenborough said...

At the time of writing, Biased BBC is leading with the ‘protesters’ story.

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